How Funky Are You


This is for anyone who wants to show-off their funky side.  Musicians and non-musicians alike.


1.  Create an Instagram Remix of the #HowFunkyAreYou reel(video) on my @soulfox Instagram page side by side with a video performance of yourself showing off your funky side!  If you are a Visual artist, Dancer, Glass Artist, Athlete, Makeup Artist, Chef, fashionista, underwater basket-weaver, or any other non-musical creative type use the audio from my reel(video) in your Instagram remix and skip to step 

2.If you are a musician download a version of the track for your instrument from the list of tracks below (it will not have your instrument's part in it), record a video of you playing along with that audio.  Then use the audio controls to turn down the original reel’s(video’s) volume and turn up your newly created remix audio.

3. Invite @soulfox to be a collaborator so I can share your remix on my profile, be sure to include the  #howfunkyareyou and #nathanfoxmusic hashtags, tag anyone you think would like to be part of the challenge, and then post your remix.

4. Share the challenge with anyone you think would like to be a part of it.

5. Have Fun!!!!

Please reach out if you have any questions. Can’t wait to see everyone’s remixes!!!